Notice to Flight School Hawaii Students:

Georges Aviation Services is saddened by the news of the sudden closure of Flight School Hawaii.

George's Aviation would like to assist any Flight School Hawaii student whose training has been interrupted by their closure. Any student affected by the closure looking for assistance to continue their training should call George directly to discuss their options.

Hawaii Flight School Instruction

Looking for Hawaii flight school instruction? No matter what level you are in your training, you will be able to select from a fleet of seven aircraft and qualified flight instructors. From your Private Pilots license, Commercial License, Instrument Rating, Multi-Engine Rating or your ATP (Airline Transport Pilot), George's Aviation Services offers Part 61 flight school instruction.

Introductory Flights Here

Have you ever dreamed what it would be like to pilot your own aircraft? Well, at George's Aviation Services, we can make that dream come true. You and one of our Certified Flight Instructors will fly one of our Cessna 172N Skyhawks for approximately 30 minutes. This flight costs $87.50**.

Flight Instruction

Our Certified Flight Instructors (CFI's) are more than qualified to take you from your Private Pilot rating all the way through your ATP (Airline Transport Pilot). Rates start at $25 per hour.

Helicopter Instruction

We also offer helicopter instruction! Please call for details.

PLEASE NOTE: The asterisk(*) indicated on each price breakdown is dependant on the individual student's training time. These values are the minimum cost to attain each rating and is variable on the time it takes a student to become proficient. In most cases though, you should expect costs to be more than the estimated totals. The current national average for a private pilot is 60 hours. Please note that this total does not include membership dues

**Some restrictions apply on introductory flight offer.

Training Breakdown
Private Pilot Price Breakdown:
*40 Hrs of Flight Training @$134/hr
*30 Hrs of instruction @$35/hr
*Books and Study Aids
FAA Medical Exam
FAA Private Pilot Written Exam
Private Pilot Check Ride
Instrument Rating Price Breakdown:
*40 Hrs of X-C Flight Time @$134/hr
**Split Time -- Paying Only for 20 hours**
*15 Hrs of Flight Training @$134/hr
*15 Hrs of instruction @$35/hr
*Books and Study Aids
FAA Instrument Pilot Written Exam
Instrument Pilot Check Ride
Commercial Single Engine Rating:
*130 Hrs of Flight Time @$134/hr
**Split Time -- Paying Only for 65 hrs**
*10 Hrs of Complex Training @$164/hr
*15 Hrs of Flight Training @$134/hr
*25 Hrs of Instruction @$35/hr
*Books and Study Aids
FAA Instrument Pilot Written Exam
Commercial Pilot Check Ride
Commercial Multi-Engine Rating:
*20 Hours of Flight Time @$295/hr
*20 Hours of Instruction @$35/hr
*Books and Study Aids
Commercial Multi Check Ride

All Prices Are Subject To Change

*Prices effective September 25, 2010

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